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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  March 17, 2014 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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>> the global mystery continues and so does the race to find the black box from that missing passenger plane. those boxes may hold the answers to what happened to all of those on board. >> good evening. the search for malaysian air lanes flight 370 the largest ever multi-national air a sea search in history. there are now 26 countries with dozens of ships and airplane scouring
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thousands of miles. u.s. navy ship uss kid will resume the search in a few hours in the straits and "new york times"reports that there were no apparent cell phone calls from anyone abore the men after it was diverted. search area itself covers 11 country to the southern indian ocean to the south. david curly on the story with the latest. >> flying over the massive indian ocean american sub hunters looking and listening for flight 370. race because one-third of the life of the battery of those pinging black box now gone 10 days into the search. as we reported much of the search moving south to australia following the so you were corridor of new map showing the possible last location of the malaysian triple 7. new details tonight about what happened in the cockpit. the final words from the flight all right good night came from the co-pilot. 38 minutes after take off. at
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1:19 in the morning. malaysian officials say they are analyzing the record to go see if the co-pilot was under stress. if someone was forcing him to speak. malaysian also offered contradictory information today on the time line but sources believe the evidence continues to point to a deliberate act. >> with the turns that the air plane made even if we don't know the altitude someone was very definitely in control of the air men and fwhu they were as we learned from the simulator there are a couple way to change the direction of a triple 7. but it's difficult to do without the other pilot noticing. so as the search intensifies questions. what about the massive depth of the indian ocean 15,000 pete in some parts and will the black box help in the crash of this air france jet this mini sub traveled thousands of feet under water to pull up the box that revealed a technical problem and pilot error as the cause of the crash. but reaching those boxes will be helped if any debris can be spotted from the air. first clue likely to be debris which
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able to track back on the current to find out where the plane may. search continues and on tuesday u.s. sub hunter with the highest tech gear inside will be arriving in australia. david curly abc news new york. >> today we learn from malaysian officials potential critical importance of the last radio transmission from the plane to air traffic control. talk about this a little bit more. you heard some of it in the piece. all right good night says someone in the cockpit. investigators look for any clue in the transmission that might help unlock this case. malaysian officials say the recording is being analyze for stressor change in did he mane or. >> speaking too fast. voice goes up. the voice box restricts when you are stressed out. things of that nature. >> stressful voice could provide clue if the pilot was forced to act against his will or if he was planning something if regards to the disappearance of the plane. now we are following this developing story on air and on line. our
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reporting tips writ now on twitter at 7 news bay area. this is 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. but again the largest search ever mounted in the world with so many country now participating trying to find this plane 10 days on. >> county man was arrested before authorities say he could travel to sir why and join al qaeda. fbi agents arrested 20-year-old nicholas near the canadians border around midnight n.court today he was arged with attempting to provide material support or resources to foreign terrorist organization. fbi has tracked him since last may. in an on line web for um he made statements about weren't to go go fight if syria to quote bring america to its knees. on computer he told an fbi informant the welcome back search history included how to build a bomb and in december he told undercover agent he planned on hitting l.a. subway system on new year's eve with an explosive l he called off the plan ultimately. he's a
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student at san joaquin delta community college in stockton. he faces 15 years in prison if convicted of these crimes. >> fairfield father accused of maiming his son by biting off part of his nose had his first court appearance today. joshua cooper did not enter a plea to the charges. 7 news carolyn tyler has the latest. >> joshua cooper family wasn't talking as they left the solana county courthouse though friend defened 18-year-old accused of engineering his newborn son in a horrific way. >> what do you think happened. >> the i don't know. i don't think that happened whatever they say happened. >> but fairfield police say cooper confessed to the crime telling them he bit off part of the month old son nose frustrated by the crime. the 16-year-old mother & told thus weekend there were no previous signs of violence. >> i weren't to have sf in this
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world or stayed with this man pregnant if i knew what he was capable of. >>reporter: today superior court judge listed the charges against cooper. including felony aggravated mayhem and child cruelty. the baby mother told us her son is also suffering from a skull fracture and brain hemorrhage and that days before his nose was injured doctors had noticed bruises and swelling and called child protective services services. rig says the family life she wanted is now gone. >> even though i want him back but i can't. never be the same. >>reporter: today cooper told the judge he's working and wants to hire his own attorney. he was given a public defender until then and bail was set at 750,000 dollars. >> my love questions out to the family and the baby. baby first. >>reporter: baby is being cared for at oakland children hospital in the custody of child protective services services. airline tyler abc 7
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news. >> arrest made in the hit-and-run death of woman in concord last night. surville's video shows 46-year-old if woman leaving convenience store just moments before she was hit on willow pass road near fifth. police say someone driving a chevy pick up truck ran her down on sidewalk last night just before midnight. the from you can was either white stripe or it is 2 tone. >> combination of driving impaired and texting appear to be the cause of a crash that killed a music teacher and her mother-in-law in santa rosa. 53-year-old susan hough and 74-year-old sharon were on their way to dip we are their husbands on saturday when a truck rear ended them. they both died at the scene. susan was a music teach interthe union school district. there you see her. >> not going to do me any good to hit on somebody. doesn't bring my people back t.i remember to -- i have to
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remember got times with them and the great 35 years i had with my wife. >>reporter: driver of the truck told police he looked down to read a text just before the crash. they arrested him on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs as well. he's currently out on bail. >> landmark ruling announce today in the bay area that will provide better access for the disabled at america national park. first comprehensive settlement in the country that increases access for the disabled in federal park city. right in our own back yard. golden gate national recreation area in san francisco and mari marin. 7 news reporter vick lee. >> 13 million people visit the ggnra every yeevrment historic settlement will now make it possible for many more to enjoy the scenic beauty of the kun ty largest urban national park. those with mobility and vision disability people like peter one of the plaintiff in the suit. he was born with c p.
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>> beautiful part which everyone should enjoy and has a rate to enjoy including those with disabilities. >> golden gate national recreation area sits on 75,000 acres. stretches from san mateo to may rip couldn't. encompass 59 miles of bay ocean shoreline under the settlement they will be required to launch spechbing projects. disability rights advocate lawyer christine lists some of them. >> things like making portions of trails accessible. l providing beach wheelchair so people who use wheelchair can get on to the sand and enjoy the beach that way. >>reporter: some improvement already completed. like this access trail to the beach for whether he will chair users. many important are mraichbilityd it is difficult to make every trail accessible but at least white is readily achiefable we want to access and it's important t.volunteer
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will be especially trained to explains different exhibits to people with disabilities for example can't see or can't hear. >> settlement calls for the ggnra to complete 50 projects first regardless of cost. ggnra dedicate 3 million dollars to finish the secondary list of improvement over the 7 year span. vick lee abc 7 new news. >> we have more ahead on abc 7 news at 9:00. homeowners lack for damage following southern california earthquake. l.a. his not had a wake up call lick this for years now. >> also how to turn a river green. show you this entire time lapse st. patrick's day video. sandhya here with the weather. >> lots of blue in addition to the green today. dan let you know what weather changes to expect as spring begins this week coming up. >> thanks. and mind games. those on line mental exercise help with the memory? stay with me. 7 news at 9:00 stay with me. 7 news at 9:00 continues here in just a moment
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>> 7 after shock struck since 4.4 earthquake rattled southern california this morning. it was centered in the santa monica mountains between encino beverly hills. most significant quake to hit the l.a. basin in 6 years. >> more problems for troubled. >> earthquake we are having an earthquake. >> that's how one anchor team reacted when the quick hate during the morning news. no significant damage but 7 news reporter carlos grand explains that this may have ended l.a. earthquake drought. >> it was definitely rum pwlichblingt definitely woke us up. >> it woke up a lot of people when it hit at 6:25 this morning. according to the u.s. geological survey the epicenter is this spot in encino just yards away from dan's home. >> something came up. >>reporter: he let us join him as he searched the house foundation for damage no repair needed. >> i wondered if this is a big one but didn't last very long. >> at the home of miss ross few plate broke and bulb from the
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shandler came off. nothing compared to what she went through during the north ridge quake. >> at the time this thing came down and everything on it broke. all my wedding china and everything so this time just a few pieces fell to the floor. pretty lucky. >> my whole house wanted to sort of collapse. that's the way it felt. felt like everybody was okay. >> these pictures give you a ghims of the power of the earthquake. cracked wall september to us by viewer named lisa in encino at the g spot items fell off the shelf and picture frame shattered on the ground. business closed on monday and nobody was here when this happened. workers at this building say it appears safety systems work shutting elevator but climb the stairs to get to work. >> elevators are out. i came from the gym and the gem elevator out as well. >> this man from indiana and this is the first earthquake. >> i thought my wife was trying to kick me out of the bed and i grabbed hold of her and she
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wasn't going to get me out of there i figure if i was going to hit the floor she going to hit the floor but it scared me. >>reporter: everyone said this is a good wake up call and plan on getting an earthquake kit for all of us in southern california and northern california we know a big one cap happen at any time. reporting foreign seen 0abc 7 news. >> we sure do carlos. small earth quake off the coast of pacifica tonight just about app hour ago now. no damage but reminder to prepare for the next big quake that hits here. if you want some preparation tips go to our web site and look for prepare nor cal and list of things to prepare ourselves for the inevitable. >> california lawmakers actually agreed on something in sacramento today. both parties supporting the newly elected speaker of the assembly. democrat contract atkins voted in as speaker today. first lesbian and first lawmaker from san diego to serve as speaker.
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lawmakers on beth sides of the aisle gave her standing ovation with humble roots in virginia coal trichbility. >> it was never in my world vision that i would do this. so it's incredible personal the honor to me. >> atkins laid out a list of prairts for the legislature. including dealing with the state water infrastructure and prison overcrowding. atkins sets her personal passion is working on affordable housing and housing for the homeless as well. >> all right. we'll focus your attention now on the weather forecast. spring is almost officially here already feels like it. sandhya is in for spencer. >> warm it up a little bit as we get officially towards spring which is thursday morning believe it or not. this thursday. i know we have already been enjoying the weather lake she said. it was cooler today. let me show you live doppler 7hd and talk about the changes coming. clear sky
9:18 pm
right now. see high thin clouds moving through but har harmless. not going to bother anybody tonight. so here's a view. beautiful view of the of waning move looking across the bay year. temperatures 54 in san francisco 59 oakland redwood city upper 50's san jose 56 degrees and a half machine bay it's 52 right now. no fog out there. so sfo camera showing you a nice view are r right now. shouldn't have any weather related delay out of sfo tomorrow morning or oakland or san jose. 58 santa rosa. napa in the mid 50's along with novato 58 degree ins livermore and from emeryville camera see clearly across the bay that's pretty good indication clear cool tonight sunny and warmer the next few days and spring officially starts this thursday at 9:57 in the morning and it is going to get warmer as we head to sprin spring. cold front went through this morning. probably notice the wind kicking up. it was the on shore breeze that brought the cooling today and not only that we had a little
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driz they will morning in some parts of the bay area all long gone. high pressure starting to set up quiet pattern this week. stormtrack rae main well to the north of us. don't see any rain in the next 7 days but we take you beyond the 7 day. looking at the 10 day outlook what might be coming and i say might because it's just a chance of some light showers march 26 and 27. that's at least nip to continue days away and this is just an indication of very late rain maybe 100. perhaps a 10 that's strichingt. witness and see what happens. tomorrow morning one thing for sure. it is going to be chilly in some inland cell so make sure you bundle up. 40 santa rosa. 44 concord. 42 livermore. 45 degrees in san jose. right around the coast bay also starting out pretty wool. cool. tomorrow afternoon temperatures rising south bay. 72 santa clara. 73 santa cruz. san jose cupertino just a beautiful day on the peninsula. 71 degree ins san mateo o. millbrae skype. pretty much low 70's down the peninsula redwood city palo
9:20 pm
alto 61 in pacifica. it's breezy same they think for daly city do you want san from a. 67 and in the north bay coast side 60's breezy rest of you well above normal. 74 santa rosa napa 74 in san rafael as well. out towards the east bay beautiful mild day 71 oakland 70 in san leandro. inland spots all going to be in a very narrow range of temperatures there. 70 in pleasanton 71 in livermore. accu-weather 7 day forecast no matter where you are fantastic weather this week. right through thursday it's warm. then just minor cooling expected dan as we head to the weekendment few more clouds really nothing to hurt northbound there. >> not bad at all. where's your xwrichbility i captain wear it because i'm in the green wall i disappear. >> you get pinched. >> still to come 7 news at 9:0 9:00. celebrating saint patrick's day in ♪
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subpoena. >> irish sure know how to celebrate. happy st. patrick's day to you. 500,000 people went to watch ireland biggest annual st. patrick's day street parade in dublin. today parade was the culmination of festival lasting 4 days in honor of the country patron saint. this year theme was let's make history. people of the celebration costume inspired by ireland rich wonderful history. certainly plenty of irish parade to go around san francisco annual st. patrick's day luncheon. irish step dancers kicked off the if he is visits. look how good these girls are. raises money for catholic ministry and public universities it is also a gathering of who is who in the
9:25 pm
city this year regis philbin was in town. >> i'm half irish and a half italian. i know st. patrick's day is a big deal in a lot of lives. fichlt big deal even for people who aren't so irish. local bars packed since lunch time with people celebrating. irish even brought in a band to delight the crowd with traditional irish music. >> chicago famous for turning the chicago river bright emerald green for st. patrick's day this video shows you how members of chicago journey man plumber union dumped containers of dee from a motorboat. sipt up to see the effect. the union has been dyeing the river since 1962. organizeers were afraid large chunk of ice would impede the process but recent warm temperature kept the riff clear. color typically lasts 6 to 12 hours. pretty cool. >> stay with us. coming
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another-hour of 7 news at 9 moments away up next. crisis in ukraine. united states and europe slap sanction on the people who engineered a weekend defection to russia. >> also trouble in venzuela. airline that is now suspende suspendeding all flight in and out of the country. >> go back in time to get a look forward and future of video games. big conference now under way in the bay area. half hour of 7 news at 9:00
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is. >> good evening again. we start this half hour over seas with ukraine. it was game on between the 2 superpower today after crimea voted to break away from ukraine. president obama and russian president
9:30 pm
putin locked in a kind of dual with economic pain as the weapon but will that make tonight difference? here's martha. >>reporter: tonight putin is claiming victory. with his troops poised on the border it looks like crimea soon his. p president obama hitting back. >> we are making it clear that there are consequences for their actions. >>reporter: the sanctions he launched today targeting among others a who is who of putin close associates. 11 in all hitting them financially. freezing the u.s. asset but the reaction from russia the deputy prime minister tweeting that some pranksters came up with the list and even the state department was unable to say whether any of the russians on the list had any u.s. assets. amping up the confrontation further a popular russian tv anchor boasted that russia is the only country
9:31 pm
capable of turning the u.s. into radioactive dust. face off between the world top nuclear powers. president obama there would be stiffer sanction if putin makes another move but putin is clearly not concerned about whether happened today. it was just over 4 hours after president obama announced the sanctions that putin officially recognized crimea as independent from ukraine. this is abc news washington. >> air canada suts penned in its to and from venzuela today as anti-government protest continue to reality that country. air canada says it can no longer ensure the safety of the operation because of the unrest there. demonstrations have erupt there had during the past month over crime and detier ateing economy. inflation there hit 56 percent last year. the basic new england like corn, cooking oil
9:32 pm
very short supply. venzuela president nicholas says that any airline that leaves won't be allowed back in while he's in power. >> faa checking out delta airline jet that lost part of the wing during a flight from atlanta to orlando. here's a photo showing the missing 4 foot by 8 foot panel kind of a big chunk. plane made safe emergency landing in atlanta with 185 passengers on board. nobody hurt. delta spokesman calls this incident highly fushl but the problem did not affect the plane ability to fly. >> general motor today recalled another million and a half vehicle to correct variety of safety dedetectives. gm already under investigation for its failure to recall 1.6 million cars with faulty ignition switch dating become a decade. 12 people died because of the switches. in announcing the new recall today gm chief executive mary bear
9:33 pm
gave a public poll jichlt something went wrong with the process and terrible things happened. cars recalled today include the suv open the scree screen. here are those side air bags could fail to deploy. also 2 advance whose plastic instrument panel do not meet federal crash standards. and the cadillac xts for wiring problem that could melt plastic or cause an engine fire. gm will notify you if particular model year is being recalled. you see the one listed on the screen if you think you have one of these affected model on the driveway contact the dealer and check our web site that up there as well. >> mick jagger girlfriend loren scott fashion design and celebrity styleest found dead in manhattan of pbl suicide. officials say assistant found scott hanging by a scarf after receiving a text to come over. scott started dating the rolling stone front man 2001. no note found and there's no sign of full play. spokesman for judginger says the singer
9:34 pm
is shocked and devastated by this news. >> more and more people taking the doctor advice about getting a colonoscopy and leading to drop in colon cancer deaths. over the past decade the death rate fallen 30 percent among colon cancer victims ages 50 and older. information contained in new report rae leased today by the american cancer society. researchers say part of the decline can be electricityed to big jump in the number of middle aiming americans who get screenings from 19 percent to 2000 to 55 percent in 2010. early screenings make a big big difference. >> scientist calling it a big break through. first time they have found direct evidence of the expansion of the of the universe something until now has been theoretical. the clue was found in something called the gravitation wave that spread through space. this is what you are looking at here. scientist were able to measure those waves which are miniature ripple in the fabric of space.
9:35 pm
einstein came one this in the theory of relevant activity but never proven until now. waves show that the universe ex paned quickly in the very first nanosecond after big bang explosion nearly 14 billion years ago. if the work was supported by this professor the in this video. the 2 celebrated today announcement with a toast. if cop firmed experts say the discovery wilmer it nobel prize. one would think soil. game developer conference takes over downtown san francisco this week and while the exhibit hall don't actually open until wednesday. 7 news reporter january thon already found one exhibit that is bringing out the kid in everyone. >> scene you might remember from childhood row of young people transfix on machines with name lick pac-man and donkey kong. in the 80's they call this arcade now they call it app exit. video game
9:36 pm
history museum. >> i wasted my youth on and really nice to see them again. >> at the center of it all huge display of nintendo artifact on the opening date of the future folks game developer kovrnlts many starting with a look at the past. >> bring back the childhood moment purest ones in real follow. >> who can forget super mario brother 1 2 and 3. >> will be around forever. >> mario. >>reporter: old commercial show just how super mario became. other invention were ahead of the tile. nintendo early shot at 3d and tried to do virtual reality but in the end the greatest success was the gales. >> i remember one of my friend every nintendo paddle came out they get it and expire neighborhood would gather at the house and play the game and they were cool kids on the block because they had the latest gym on the entertainment system. >> a lot has changed in 30 years. mick stovt made word processors and spread sheet.
9:37 pm
sony made the tv nintendo hooked up to now both taken huge khuching. >> nearly 20 periods of time said they will reless the fix game on sony play decision and x becomes but less than 5 percent say they will release the next game on then 10 doll and worry the magic is gone. >> make something consolidate again. >> my not mean more mary yoychlt so much mario it's smorgasboard. >> they release orman franchise and like to see new games. >> that may why nintendo reaching out to independent developers. one hopes to develop for the council. this develop for the council. this is abc 7 news >> don't think they are having fun. >> coming up next. brain. things that millions of people doing to sharpen their manipulated at every age. 7 manipulated at every age. 7 news
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>> what work to keep the brain sharp? now games for everyone who wants to think faster or remember names a little better but how does it work? lindsay with real answers for you tonight. >> manage if a game that starts off so easily it looks like child play could actually make adults smarter. when 66-year-old susan brandt saw the parents starting to lose the memory she turned to on line games called lumen to sharpen her own mind. >> single biggest thing i'm afraid office not getting cancer. in the able to walk around it is losing your mind. >> when she started for getting people name is the game susan turned to. it's called familiar faces. on my right masonry a.jennifer. and that's jams. try to remember the names. we'll come back to them
9:42 pm
later. the 60 million users is the most pop already of several on hin brain training programs created by neuroscientist. like a personal trainer they teach you how to bulk up the brain lick a muscle. each session last about 15 minutes day. and according to studies after about 10 hours i thousands of people have reported improvement in the memory and problem-solving. >> things like crossword puzzle and reading great for keeping you at the level you are at. >> you want to expand the ability you have to do things to get progressively harder. dan 56-year-old author and award winning science journalist skeptical but now a convert. he says after using this to train the brain for 3 and a half most he actually got smarter. >> on a test of intelligence my ability increase 16 percent. >> curly was better able to multi-task and juggle many demands.
9:43 pm
>> the notion you can't teach old dog new trick is out the window. >> absolutely. >> so do you remember these names? susan says her ability to remember names both in this game and in real life has drastically improved. >> if meant to help me and i lake playing them. hello win-win. >> lindsay davis abc news new york. >> smarter already. coming up next. 7 news at 9:00 continue continues. woman hurt in bus crash in egypt comes to the bay area and regains the simple pleasure of giving her daughter pleasure of giving her daughter a hug. it's a really powerful
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ingredients for life. >> simple act of hug ago child is something we of take for granted. mother from egypt thought she lost that ability forever when she lost her arms
9:47 pm
in a bus accident. but as david explains from palo alto, the generosity of a community has changed her life dr. ma matcly. >> two week ago she went able to care for herself or for her 5-year-old daughter carol. that situation has changed now that she has been fitted with two full arm prosthetic. >> the for example opening the door. holding something. so that makes her very happy. and of course the joy comes with hugging her that carol is very happy to be hugged again. >>reporter: 37-year-old mother lost her arms at bus accident nearly 2 years ago in her native egypt. the bay area orthodox church community learned of her situation and arranged for her travel here for care. >> so having the prosthetic has given her a lot more power in her life now and i think she's seeing that and becoming more and more aware of how much she
9:48 pm
can do. the and every day she's getting better in leap and bound twoyshtion companies arrange for the prosthetic arms to be donated. stanford and valley medical center provide medical care and palo alto rehab center is where she gets physical therapy. everything was just like human puzzle and all the pieces fit together. >> he she credit strong faith for aabundant hope and determination. >> even when there is very hard and tough times come at this time meant to change our life for better. the give us that understanding that we are able to change ourselves. >>reporter: this family leaving the bay area with a tremendous gift because prosthetic therapy and the medical care all provided at little or no cost. in palo alto, david lou abc 7 news.
9:49 pm
>> one last time update the weather forecast. sandhya is here. >> the temperatures are going to be rising over the next few daisy since we approached spring live doppler 7hd showing you mostly clear skies to. warm-up. temperatures in the low 70's in some of the inland valley even around the basement oakland san mateo 71 degrees. 74 in santa rosa. 60's near the c of a seabreeze to prevent from you getting too warm. you look at the accu-weather 7 day forecast the coast in holding pattern wednesday thursday but bay inland you tip to see the warmth as we head towards spring. by the way it's at 9:57 thursday morning keeping tab then kilt off t.low to mid 70's in the warmest spot. that's not too much cooler. >> spring is here thanks very much. >> agency producer in chico is closing the doors not only putting 1800 chicken out of
9:50 pm
work but threatening their lives. animal place which has shelters in vacaville and grass valley looking for people willing to adopt some red hen. their limits to how many birds the sanction ware can keep. officials say so they need to find new homes for the flock in chico by april fourth. if interested interested on abc 7 news tot kilometer and click on see it on tv. >> how many of these things the will you take. >> fv i don't have a need for that many chicken honestly but. >> a dozen. >> the yes. yes. >> put me down. >> sf mav right on. >> yes. this season hasn't even started yet and already kind of depression among the a's opening day pitcher visits the doctor and season ending the doctor and season ending diagnosis. sports is next
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(dad) we lived... thanks to our subaru. ♪ (announcer) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. you. >> coming up tonight at 11:00.
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near miss on cal train track. close call that nearly cost a man his life. all cau open camera. we have that story. look how close that is. >> is the government using your favorite app to spy on you? you may revealing more than you this you what you can do to protect your privacy. more on protect your privacy. more on channel 7 >> they are watching us larry. >> if not going to get much here. a little too boring for the nsa i'm sorry to stay. two week before the season open devastating news for the a's. starter parker is going to miss the entire season. he needs tommy john surgery. 25-year-old parker feeling tightness in the forearm going back to last season. late in the year. hoping he would get better open its open. went to see dr. james andrew the noted surge on who performed the same
9:55 pm
procedure in 2009 and he will snrou found go a second ligament replacement procedure that will be next week. parker had struggled this spring with era over 10. on top of this number 4 starter griffen out a month with tend nights so kind of a down feeling today in a's camp understandable. a host the cub. most with double to the gap in left center. and a's go on to win 6-2 but fought really enjoying it that much. giants angels i should say tim gets great cash right there from tile interthe second engine but roughed up a little bit. gave up 5 rns. inland ice calhoun a one off 2 run homer for the angels. victorious 8-7. jones coming home. spartan signed with oakland today. he will be the raiders most experienced wide receiver jones getting a 3 year deal with reported 11 million
9:56 pm
dollars and 29 years old had the best year in 201264 catches. 14 touch doups. spent 7 years with the packer at green bay. of course there catching pass from his brett and aaron and an phones who knows who will be the quarterback with the raiders this season. >> whoever we took behind center here i'll dot same they think difficult for airplane just run every route to win. be as open as i can to help whoever is back there and to get the offense rolling. >> raiders head coach allen among those watching bridge water pro day today at louisville. quarterback some think the raiders take the fifth peck in the draft a lot of wobble passes and lack of arm strength. thinks really a surprise pro take. air to uruguay almost complete every pass. not the case with bridge water. off the mark a lot. performance make him appear more suspect than prospect
9:57 pm
going forward. how about the san jose saeb erejat. lighting up the official i like that intensity. season opener for san jose and the portland thunder. 37-20 t.back up. stanley getting p tvl. scm bell. throwing. to gray and right now the saeb erejat are rolling 64-34. i like daryn. telling the referee. the women basketball tournament this afternoon stanford 2 seed will open saturday against south dakota the game to be played in aims, iowa. cal seventh during the notre dame region. saturday in wake oshtion texas. as for the cardinal. they received 1 seed in each past 4 years. between and 3 this past c. upset in the pack 12 tournament. assume they win the first 2 games stanford come home to host the 3 and 4. >> that's the canadians opinion
9:58 pm
and that's tv obviously that's the prerogative and we want to be we want to be playing here. we want to win 2 games to get back here and go from there. >> the the star of the team for stanford is here. did you know that she could rap? in 2012 we saw nerd city kid. today new release any rds. if. >> ner is the word and in case you forgot let me take you back. tv ♪ tame for the world to note the nation here to stay. fnere fichlt when does she have time to do this full-time student at stanford and obviously star of the basketball team calls this a sell pwretion of unique cultur culture. cameo from sherman and coach t.very well done you good on lean check it out. it's slept. now the sun of
9:59 pm
sharks head coach made a headline with a tv golf club. made a hole in 1 at the the short course then hit another is a on 9. walking up here. pick up the second hole in one. odds of become to back is a p-1 56 million the to 1 and the little kid -- unbelievable. 7 sports brought to you by toyota. >> i have been playing golf 30 years. 35 and it was just 5 years ago i had my first and only hole if one. that is hard to do. >> even have one it was great. >> two in a row at aim 14? who does that. >> we recent him already. thanks that's this edition of 7 news for sandhya all of us thanks so much for watching we thanks so much for watching we appreciate your
10:00 pm
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